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Vacay Does a Body Good!

I have tried to get better about blogging.  I have all these ideas and notions and try to set up reminders on my checklists (yes, I’m a huge list girl) but when it comes down to it, between the varying hours of my job, writing and planning different segments and keeping up with my very fun best friends, I have been exhausted and not on track with keeping it up. 

Therefore I couldn’t have been happier when the morning of October 28th came about.  The best part about doing segments across the country is being able to schedule them in tandem with weddings, visits and special occasions with my friends that live in those areas.  But this time, I was ready to really take a break – that is, turn off the cell phone and really try to step away from the email.  While I kept in contact with the office everyday, this vacation gave me the chance to really recharge and rejuvenate my body.  I worked out, read two books, meditated and did yoga.  And while I was ready to get home, I still find myself looking at the gorgeous pictures and thinking… “Take me back.”

Where was I for the past 9 days ….. THAILAND!  I absolutely love traveling and have to say that Thailand has been one of the most beautiful countries I have been to date.  The Thai people are so kind and with Buddha’s being present literally everywhere, there is something so ethereal and spiritual about the country that it’s hard to describe unless you are physically there.

My brother has been studying and backpacking until his job begins in December and my family met him in Bangkok.  We were originally slated to stay there but immediately flew to Phuket due to the flooding.  It wasn’t as bad in the central parts of the city, but it was still interesting to see many of the barricades set up and flour bags piled in front of storefront windows and doors.

If anyone is planning on going to Phuket in the near future, I would recommend staying at the most incredible Westin Siray Beach Hotel.  The entire hotel is built on a mountain and has numerous infinity pools and romantic seating areas throughout the complex.  The view below is beyond picturesque and the sunsets and rain storms that occur once a day are amazing.  I would also recommend taking a day to visit the islands of Ko Phi Phi (where the movie, The Beach, was filmed) or Crabby by boat and/or spending the day at Kata Beach or in Patong.  This area is like the Asian version of Miami without the glitz and glamour — a little much, but worthwhile to get the experience. 

The other thing that I was beyond looking forward to upon venturing to Thailand was the FOOD!  I know many of you know how much I really enjoy the eating/restaurant process, which was why I was very much in charge of our dinner plans.  I like to get a Thai opinion of the best places and don’t like to consult the concierge’s at the hotel – many times they will try to send you to an American venue of choice (in my family we would often say, “kickbacks”.)  Favorite restaurants and bars included Baan Rim Pa, Crepes & Co. in Bangkok and the gorgeous Lebua Hotel Bar/Sirocco (tallest building in Bangkok and home to the famous “stair” scene in Hangover 2).

I love noting the different trends and styles of different countries when I travel, so another blog post on the trends of Thailand and some of the goodies I brought back coming up next….. 

My Marilyn Monroe Moments with Naomi & Nicole

Warning: This post may be cited as “TMI” for some readers - but I can’t help myself when it comes to discovering pieces that change my life! 

For the most part my girl friends, colleagues and guy friends included know that I abhor underwear.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I wear belted, tighter clothing, hate to see ‘lines’ under clothing or simply don’t like the word, but in actuality, I despise feeling constricted underneath my clothes!  Honestly, I would rather “go commando” than put on a tight thong- 

That is until I was sent a few Wonderful Edge® pieces by Naomi & Nicole.  Each garment is made with a breathable silicon finish, which remains invisible under your clothes!  Not only was each piece super comfortable but also after testing in several facets of my life – during the day, working out and another night out on the town – I didn’t have any issues with them at all.  The waistline stayed in place throughout the day and night, attesting to Naomi & Nicole's tagline: Fashion & Function for the Contemporary Customer-

I also am a major fan of their Boy Shorts – As soon as I walk through my door, I am quick to shed off every piece of jewelry and put on my comfy clothes – generally sweats, a tank top or boy shorts – Naomi & Nicole’s were so easy and soft to throw on that they have become my new “go-to.”  I would recommend for anyone that enjoys –

Check them out here:Naomi & Nicole


Here Comes the Guest!

Wedding Season is definitely in the air - Every time I go to my mailbox I find another gorgeous wedding invitation and am so excited to be a part of many of my best friends’ weddings coming up in the next few weeks- 

As a wedding guest, it is very important to plan for an appropriate outfit to wear, depending on the style of wedding you’re attending.  Loose silk and espadrilles for beach weddings, flirty cocktail attire, afternoon affairs or formal black-ties — these four looks below that I showed on NBC Philadelphia’s The 10! Show last Thursday, hit on some of the hottest trends this summer, fitting for every wedding theme - 

Look 1: Outdoor Day Wedding:

Top Shop Yellow Chiffon Embellished Neckline Slip Dress


Outdoor weddings are your chance to glow in the summer sun without having to dress too fancy. This draped dress is perfect for a lunch-style wedding. It comes in a beautiful yellow that pops and the embellished neckline helps to show off your summer tan.

-Let your pedicure peep out in nude stilettos or wedges that help to elongate your legs when wearing dresses at or above the knee.

 -You will look stunning with just the right amount of glitter wearing accessories from Chelsea Taylor with your hair in a flattering chignon

Look 2: City Wedding:

Shoshanna Dreaming Dylan Party Dress

$50 (Normal Retail $295


Chinese Laundry Black pumps


 -City weddings are all about cocktail attire. Purple is also a huge trend this year, so this Shoshanna dress will really stand out during the reception

 -A flirty pair of pumps will work with any kind of cocktail dress you choose!

 -I love hair accessories – instead of doing crazy jewelry, play up your hair with a bow headband or fun clip-

Look 3: Beach Wedding:

ASOS Techno Boheme Pleated Maxi Dress


Sam Edelman “Gigi” Flat Sandals


Brazilet Bangle Bracelets (stacked in variety of colors)


-With maxi dresses being all the rage this year in fashion, they are ideal to wear on the beach in beautiful solids or even a floral or geometric pattern.

-Long dresses can easily be paired with flats or heels, but if you’re going to be strolling along the beach, flat sandals would be more manageable if you want to take them on or off.

 -Don’t be too flashy with jewelry and accessories –simple bangles from Live Worldly look great and add a beachy pop of color to the overall look.

Look 4: Black-Tie Wedding:

JS Boutique Sequin Dress (Plus)




Say goodbye to the timeless black dress and hello to the bright, sequined colors that really stand out! This dress from JS Boutique from is so chic and comes in a gorgeous shade of bluish purple.

-With a loud dress, it is best to play down the accessories- simple hoop earrings from Chelsea Taylor or studs will make it work.

-Silver shoes are also a good choice to even out the color tone.

UNPACKING & RE-PACKING A SUITCASE THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY - Top 3 Summer Travel Essentials You Can Never Go Wrong With!

I love traveling during the summer and for some reason, July happens to be THE busiest month– hence my lack of time spent writing and more time spent doing laundry and choosing appropriate outfits for the weekend.

Weekend 1: Nantucket.

Weekend 2: Hangar One Vodka Blimp Rides & Beach Party in the Hamptons.

From my travels thus far I have found that the following items have made my life a whole lot easier and if you’re about to embark on a trip – I wholly encourage you to bring in tow!

1)       PurseN Jewelry Case:

Traveling with jewelry can be tricky and each piece – whether you’re carrying a statement necklace or stack rings, seems to always get tangled.  My problems were solved when I was introduced to PurseN’s jewelry cases.  Each case has origami-styled multi-pockets that are clear and easy to see – not to mention that they are removable!  There cases come in two different sizes - the Vacationer and Tiara and fun fabrics like leopard, zebra and rose.  I no longer have to worry about jumbling my jewelry and can see each piece in the pockets to easily plan for what to pair with my outfits.

2)       Travel Sizes:

I will admit that I am a pro when it comes to security lines at the airports.   I start prepping way beforehand, removing shoes, belts and bangles, just because I hate waiting in lines that much.  That is where Travel Size bottles come into play as this Love & Toast Happiness kit by ESCAPE does the job for you – allowing you to easily remove from your bag and keep the line moving!  The travel friendly pouch ($17), comes in a clear plastic bag and includes sweetly scented shampoo, conditioner, lotion, facial cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer — all under 3.4 ounces.

3)       Garment Bags, Garment Bags, Garment Bags

With events during the week and traveling on the weekend, my co-workers will tell you that I am obsessed with my garment bag – partly due to sentimental value as mine belonged to my gram but also because it keeps my clothes as wrinkle free as possible.  There are numerous garment bags you could buy, ranging from all colors and sizes.  Trust me when I tell you – a good garment bag will change your trip!

What do you guys consider to be your Travel Essentials?


Now off to Las Vegas ….

Tamara Magel


Located in Soho, New York, the 2,000 sq. foot space of Tamara Magel is a complete eco friendly source for furniture, rugs, lighting, textiles, and accessories. The showroom offers a mix of classic lines and balanced textures with an urban flair and global –chic approach. 

 Tamara Magel’s aesthetic is unexpected and refreshing, best described as mod and exotic with international influence. Inspired by runway couture, current fashion has played important roles along with her vintage style for her Soho, New York location.